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Welcome to Eleven support page! Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about using Eleven, our accounting software.

Getting Started

Learn how you can set up companies, invite collaborators and assign collaborators to companies.

Setting Up

Guide to complete your company set up to start using the accounting features.

Journal Entries Basics

Understand the basics of journal entries.

Viewing Report

Guide to complete your company set up to start using the accounting features.

Converting Migration Files

Convert your QuickBooks Online export files and import them effortlessly to Eleven.


Attach documents to journal entries and keep track of supporting documents.

Advance Journal Entry

Learn how to generate Unrealised Gain/Loss and Carry Forward entries.

Converting Quick Entries File

Input Journal Entry Data in a Single Line and Convert It to Eleven Journal Entry Import File Format

General Ledger

Learn how to create, edit and delete journal entries and other features of the General Ledger.


Learn how to reconcile bank statements, upload statements and reconcile accounts.

Featured Questions

How does the free trial work?

You can try all Eleven’s features free for 30 days. No commitment. We won’t ask for your credit card or payment information. Sign up here to get started.

Is there any long term contract?
You can trial Eleven free for 30 days, with no commitment. If you choose to activate your account on a paid plan, you can pay monthly and cancel anytime. There are no long-term contracts or hidden fees. Click here to try now for free or view our price plans.
What is your refund policy?
Eleven’s Customer Satisfaction Policy

At Eleven we strive to create quality software that you enjoy using for your business or professional life. You have a number of choices and we appreciate you giving us your business. Thank You. We have created this policy that details what we will do should we fail to meet your expectations.

Monthly Subscription

If at anytime during your first month using our service you are dissatisfied, please contact us. We will do our best to address your issue, provide a work around or give a timeline for a solution that will meet your needs. If you are not satisfied, we will gladly offer you a full refund for your purchase, and downgrade your account to the free plan for that service.

Annual Subscriptions

Eleven doesn’t force you into an annual subscription as a condition to use our services. We prefer to give you the flexibility to choose. In exchange for you signing up for an annual up-front commitment, we offer you a significant discount over the already-low monthly subscription cost. If at anytime during your first 45 days using our service you are dissatisfied, please contact us. We will do our best to address your issue, provide a work around or give a timeline for a solution that will meet your needs. If you are not satisfied, we will gladly offer you a full refund for your purchase, and downgrade your account to the free plan.

​We want you to be happy with our service throughout your entire contract, not only the first 30 days (in case of monthly subscription) and the first 45 days (in case of annual subscription). So we go beyond that. If at anytime during your contract we remove, break or discontinue functionality that was available at the time you signed up for your contract, we ask you to notify us immediately. If we fail to address it on a timely manner to your entire satisfaction, we will offer you a pro-rated refund for the reminder of your contract.


For your convenience, your monthly and yearly subscriptions will auto-renew until you cancel the service. Every time before your subscription auto-renews, we will send a mail specifying the amount that will be charged to your credit card. Similarly, after each renewal we will send you a receipt via e-mail specifying the amount that has been deducted together with the next renewal date and the next renewal amount.

We know that sometimes customers forget to cancel an account they no longer want until it is has already been charged. That’s why you can cancel your monthly/annual subscription even five business days after your renewal date, and we will still process your cancellation and give you a full refund.

For questions, please e-mail

Exception to our Refund Policy

Please note that we will not entertain a request for refund (full or pro-rated) when we have suspended or terminated your access to Eleven Services due to a violation of our Terms of Service.

What kind of payments do you accept?
You can pay for Eleven’s subscription with VISA or Mastercard. At this time we can only accept online payments.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Sorry that for some reason you had to cancel your subscription or if you want to switch to another accounting software. You can do it within the Eleven service you are using or send an e-mail to Remember to export your data in CSV.
Can I cancel my subscription but still keep my data?
You sure can. We know how valuable your data is to you so we’ve taken the steps to ensure that you never lose it. Eleven offers an “On-Ice” service for US$190 a month, where we retain all your practice data until you’re ready to use your account again.
Can you set up Eleven for me?
Many people ask us this question. And rightly so; Our team can tailor a cost-effective onboarding setup package to get you up and running, so you get the most out of Eleven from day one. Once you’re all set up, you have unlimited access to our award-winning support team 24/7 online or on the phone. They will help you when you get stuck and give you advice along your accounting journey.
What is your support policy?
At Eleven, we believe every customer is important and is the reason for our existence. We also realize that our growth lies in keeping our customers happy. All questions submitted will be replied within 24hrs, except weekend’s and public holidays.

Eleven Provides e-mail & telephone support (during the business hours) for signing-up, usage assistance, problem diagnosis and resolution, clarification in documentation, and technical guidance.

How do I reset my password?
If you have lost/forgotten your password, use the “Reset Password?” link available at any of the Eleven services login page (ex: and, you will instantly receive an email with a HTML link to choose a new password for your Eleven account.
How do I change my email address?
Only the tenant admin can change email address for the collaborators. You will have to login in at and create a new collaborator with the new email and disable the previous collaborator.

For tenant admin, please contact There is a specific process in place so that we can verify that this is indeed your tenant.

How secure is my data with Eleven?

Many people ask us this question. And rightly so; Eleven has invested a lot of time and money to ensure that your information is secure and private. We offer security on multiple levels including the physical, software and people/process levels; In fact your data is more secure than walking around with it on a laptop or even on your corporate desktops.

Physical: Eleven servers and infrastructure are located in Singapore Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers that have multiple levels of restrictions for access including: on-premise security guards, security cameras, biometric limited access systems, and no signage to indicate where the buildings are, bullet proof glass, earthquake ratings, etc.

Hardware: Amazon Web Services employs state of the art firewall protection on multiple levels eliminating the possibility of intrusion from outside attacks

Process: Nobody in Eleven has access to the physical levels of our infrastructure which is hosted in AWS. Your data is therefore secure from inside access; Eleven performs regular vulnerability testing and is constantly enhancing its security at all levels. All data is backed up on multiple servers in multiple locations on a daily basis. This means that in the worst case, if one data center was compromised, your data could be restored from other locations with minimal disruption.

Grow your practice with our top-notch features

Scalable General Ledger

Enjoy a pro-GL that scales as you go

Automated AR & AP

Ensure fast, error-prone processes

Multi-Company Accounting

Quickly switch between accounts

Multi-Currency Accounting

Handle 170+ currencies in a snap

Document Management

Keep all your documents at hand

Custom Reporting & BI

Create and share custom reports

Bank Feeds

Keep all financials up to date

Automated Bokkeeping

Create entries with just one click

Automations & Quick Entry

Save your time with a set of automation tools